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Biomimetic dextran-based hydrogel layers for cell micropatterning over large areas using FluidFM BOT technology

Authors: Andras Saftics, Barbara Türk, Attila Sulyok, Norbert Nagy, Tamás Gerecsei, Inna Szekacs, Sándor Kurunczi, Robert Horvath

Journal: Langmuir (2019)

Institution: Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Research Areas: Biotechnology

Cell Lines: HeLa (Cervical cancer cell line)

Summary: A. Saftics with co-authors has studied micropatterning for possible biosensor applications. They have used HoloMonitor to monitor cell adhesion. Additionally, authors have employed HoloMonitor M4 to study cell proliferation and cell migration in and out the patterned structures.

Keywords: HoloMonitor M4, cell viability, cell proliferation, cell adhesion, cell migration, Biosensors, hydrogels

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