Biophysical characterization of nanostructured TiO2 as a good substrate for hBM-MSC adhesion, growth and differentiation

L. Petecchia et al.

Experimental Cell Research (2017)

Country: Italy

Cell Line: hBM-MSC (Mesenchymal stem cells from human bone marrow)

Research Area: Implantation

Tags: HoloMonitor M3, Cell morphology, Stem cell differentiation, Osteogenic markers, Biocompatibility, Biomaterial, Holographic microscopy

Conclusions: Evaluation of the effectiveness of a nano-patterned titanium surface in sustaining hBM-MSC adhesion, growth and differentiation by means of a panel of biophysical tools: morphometry, electrophysiology, intracellular calcium measurements and immunocytochemistry. The results substantiate the idea that this micro-textured titanium dioxide is a good surface for growth and differentiation of hBM-MSC and it exhibits a stimulating action mainly in the initial period of differentiation. HoloMonitor was used for analysis of various morphological parameters.

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