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Cell motility studies using digital holographic microscopy

Authors: Johan Persson, A. Mölder, S. Pettersson, K. Alm

Journal: Microscopy: Science, Technology, Applications and Education (2010)

Institution: Malmö university

Research Areas: Method development

Cell Lines: L929, L56Br-C1, MDA-MB-231 (L929: mouse fibroblast; L56Br-C1: human breast cancer lymph node metastasis; MDA-MB-231: human epithelial mammary gland cell line)

Summary: Using digital holography in combination with our program Cell track, we can follow a population of cells, and we can study single cells within that population. The results also show that we can correlate cell movement with the level of confluence in the cultures, cell area, cell optical thickness and cell volume. In all, digital holography proved suitable for a cell movement assay.

Keywords: HoloMonitor M2, cell motility, cell morphology, digital holographic technology

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