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Characterization of a green, temperature activated nano formulation that drives the mechanism of doxorubicin toxicity from apoptosis to ferroptosis

Authors: Farzana Parveen et al.

Journal: AACR Annual Meeting (2022)

Institution: Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Cell Lines: B16F10, U87-MR, MDA-MB-231, MCF-7

Summary: The authors have developed a green, temperature-activated nano formulation (TAN) to deliver doxorubicin to cancer cells. To evaluate the temporal effects of the formulation, they use HoloMonitor® M4 for 4-dimensional imaging (X pos vs. Y pos vs. Time vs. Density). Their conclusion is that the newly developed TAN is highly potent and likely kills cancer cells by inducing ferroptosis.

Keywords: temperature-activated nano formulation, TAN, doxorubicin, ferroptosis

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