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Characterization of Dormant and Active Human Cancer Cells by Quantitative Phase Imaging

Authors: P. Guo et al.

Journal: Cytometry Part A (2017)

Institution: Harvard Medical School and Boston Children's Hospital

Research Areas: Angiogenesis

Cell Lines: KHOS (Human osteosarcoma)

Summary: Based on HoloMonitor M4, the authors developed a novel in vitro method to characterize the angiogenic and non-angiogenic phenotypes of human osteosarcoma cells. Compared with traditional in vitro assays, the approach provides a non-invasive and low-cost method to assess a panel of cell morphology and cell behaviors. The authors were able to easily and accurately differentiate between the angiogenic and non-angiogenic phenotypes of KHOS cells by comparing five cellular parameters: cell area, cell thickness, cell migration, cell motility and cell motility speed.

Keywords: HoloMonitor M4, Holographic microscopy, Tumor dormancy, Tumor angiogenesis, Cell phenotype, Cell morphology, Cell migration, Cell cycle, Osteosarcoma

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