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Complex approach to the estimation of cytotoxicity of ribosome-inactivating proteins on the cell model in vitro (in Russian)

Authors: E. O. Sinegubova et al

Journal: Medicine of Extreme Situations (2019)

Research Areas: Cytotoxicity

Cell Lines: HEK293 (Human embryonic kidney cells)

Summary: E.O. Sinegubova with co-workers have studied viscumin cytotoxicity in an integrated approach by combining colorimetric assay with phase holographic imaging. By employing MTT assays authors have determined IC50 viscumin value. With help of HoloMonitor M4 authors have showed how viscumin at IC50 concentration affect cell morphology and cell confluency. Authors conclude that the combination of two methods gives an opportunity to evaluate several parameters at the same time and let to better understanding of viscumin effects on cells.

Keywords: HoloMonitor M4

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