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Cytocentric measurement for regenerative medicine

Authors: Henn, Alicia D. et al.

Journal: Frontiers in Medical Technology (2023)

Institution: BioSpherix, Ltd., United States

Research Areas: Regenerate Medicine

Summary: The core of the regenerative medicine business is to produce reliable and functional cell and tissue products for both clinical and non-clinical use. Therefore, the cytocentric measurement, which identifies and measures critical cell quality attributes at a cellular or pericellular level, is essential to improve the quality and standardization of cell and tissue products by providing valuable information about their physiological state, behavior, and interactions. Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM), as one of the technologies for cell culture monitoring, allows for non-invasive imaging of living cells over time. DHM allows for real-time detection and quantification of both single cells and cell populations without the need to disrupt routine cell culture. In addition, DHM can be used to study a range of dynamic cellular parameters from movement, proliferation, and cell death to morphological, phenotypical, and behavioral changes. Moreover, as DHM is non-invasive and introduces minimal external stress to the cells, the technology is suitable for long-term live-cell imaging. This is especially important for cells that are difficult to obtain or grow. DHM is a uniquely cytocentric measurement that can be integrated with other technologies to create a comprehensive monitoring system for regenerative medicine applications.

Keywords: Digital holographic imaging, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, cell culture techniques, organoids, stem cells

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