Development of label-free biophysical markers in osteogenic maturation

A. Bartolozzi et al.

Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials (2019)

Institution: National Research Council of Italy, Italy

Cell Line: hFOB 1.19 (Human foetal osteoblasts)

Research Area: Cell Research

Tags: HoloMonitor M3, human foetal osteoblasts, Cell morphology characterization, Cell mechanics investigation

Conclusions: Morphological and mechanical changes in living cells indicate functionally associated processes, such as cell maturation or death. In this study A. Bartolozzi with colleagues characterized the maturation of human fetal osteoblasts. The authors highlight that non-invasive method, such as digital holography, atomic force microscopy, and TIE, have the ability to identify effective label-free biomarkers, which help to characterize cell biomarkers required for this fundamental process. Authors have used HoloMonitor M3 to quantify cell morphology (among others, area, perimeter, and volume) changes during hFOB maturation.

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