Digital Holographic Cytometry: Macrophage Uptake of Nanoprobes

L. Sternbæk et al.

Imaging & Microscopy (2019)

Country: Sweden

Cell Line: RAW 264.7 (Murine cell line, macrophages from blood)

Research Area: Cytotoxicity

Tags: HoloMonitor M4, Cytotoxicity, Cell morphology, Cell proliferation

Conclusions: Various nanoprobes are designed to have drug-delivery or detection properties. However, as a foreign bodies in human blood circulation, nanoprobes can potentially induce inflamatory response and active macrophages. In this study, L. Sternbæk et al. have employed HoloMonitor M4 to study the effects of nanoprobes (molecularly imprinted polymers targeted to sialic acid) on macrophage cell line, RAW 264.7 by evaluating cell morphology (cell area, volume, and thickness) and cell count. Authors have shown that neither the HoloMonitor M4 nor nanoprobes affected the physiological functions of macrophages.

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