Effects of GADL1 overexpression on cell migration and the associated morphological changes

Authors: T. Wu et al.

Journal: Scientific Reports (2019)

Institution: China Medical University

Research Areas: Bipolar disorder treatment

Cell Lines: SH-SY5Y (Human neuroblastoma cell line)

Summary: Lithium is the first-line mood stabilizer for bipolar disorder treatment. However, it has been shown that the treatment effectivness depends on patient decent. In this paper, T.-N. Wu with co-workers have studied how GADL-1 protein (expressed in Han Chinese bipolar patients) affects lithium treatment response in human neuroblastoma cells. HoloMonitor was extensively used in this study to monitor cell count, cell migration, and cell morphology, e.g. area, volume, thickness, perimeter length, irregularity, and eccentricity, changes in time. From obtained results, authors have concluded that cell migration and related morphological changes might provide good indicators for the lithium treatment sensitivity.

Keywords: HoloMonitor M4, Cell migration and morphology

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