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Enhanced Cytotoxicity of Folic Acid-targeted Liposomes Co-loaded With C6 Ceramide and Doxorubicin: in Vitro Evaluation on HeLa, A2780-ADR and H69-AR Cells

Authors: Shravan Kumar Sriraman, Jiayi Pan, Can Sarisozen, Ed Luther, Vladimir Torchilin

Journal: Molecular pharmaceutics (2015)

Institution: Northeastern University

Research Areas: Cancer research, Drug research

Cell Lines: HeLa (Human cervical cancer)

Summary: Using holomonitor M4, it was found that FA-(C6+Dox)-LP treated hela cells underwent rapid progression to apoptosis (cell suicide) after 21 hours, as evidenced by a drastic drop in cell area after loss of cell membrane integrity.

Keywords: HoloMonitor M4, Liposomes, Combination, Drug Therapy, Nanoparticles, Folic Acid, Cancer, Drug Resistance, Receptor Targeting, Apoptosis, Cell Cycle Arrest, Nano medicine, Spheroids, drug development

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