Evaluation of Holographic Imaging Cytometer HoloMonitor M4 Motility Applications

Y. Zhang et al.

Cytometry Part A (2018)

Institution: University of California, USA

Cell Line: 1205Lu and WM793 (Human melanoma cell lines, 1205Lu metastatic, WM793 non-metastatic)

Research Area: Cancer research

Tags: HoloMonitor M4, Cell motility, Cell migration, Cell morphology

Conclusions: The HoloMonitor software modules for cell tracking and wound healing analysis were evaluated and compared to the more conventional methods transwell migration and transwell invasion. Both HoloMonitor modules were found to be well-correlated with established standards, yielded reproducible results, and at the same time offered distinct advantages. The wound healing assay was the most tractable and automated method with good reproducibility, while the cell tracking module enabled identification of hypermobile subpopulations.

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