Evaluation of the Impact of Imprinted Polymer Particles on Morphology and Motility of Breast Cancer Cells by Using Digital Holographic Cytometry

M. Patel et al.

Applied Sciences (2020)

Institution: Malmö University, Sweden, Czech Republic

Cell Line: MCF-7 and MDAMB231 (MCF-7 breast cancer cell line; MDA-MB-231: Human mammary carcinoma cell line)

Research Area: Cancer treatment

Tags: HoloMonitor M4, Cell morphology and cell movements, breast cancer, digital holographic cytometry, molecularly imprinted polymers, motility, sialic acid, viability

Conclusions: In order to find a way to increase breast cancer patient prognosis, scientists need to understand cell behavior and metastasis. One of the possible tools in the efficient diagnosis is sialic acid-molecularly imprinted polymers (SA-MIPs). The aim of this paper was to study the effects of SA-MIPs on cell morphology and behavior. Using HoloMonitor M4 M. Patel with colleagues show SA-MIP can change cell motility (slower down MCF-7 cells and increase MDAMB231 cell speed), cell morphology for both cell lines.

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