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The evolution of phase holographic imaging from a research idea to publicly traded company

Authors: Peter Egelberg

Journal: Proc. SPIE 10503, Quantitative Phase Imaging IV (2018)

Institution: Phase Holographic Imaging PHI AB, Lund

Research Areas: Quantitative phase microscopy

Summary: It is discussed how relevant biological information can be extracted from a sequence of quantitative phase images, with negligible user assistance and parameter tweaking, to simultaneously provide cell culture characteristics such as cell growth rate, viability, division rate, mitosis duration, phagocytosis rate, migration, motility and cell-cell adherence without requiring any artificial cell manipulation.

Keywords: HoloMonitor M4, Quantitative phase microscopy, Label-free, Time-lapse cytometry, Kinetic cell analysis, Epithelial, Mesenchymal transition.

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