Hippo pathway controls cell adhesion and context-dependent cell competition to influence skin engrafment efficiency

Authors: M. Nishio et al.

Journal: The FASEB journal (2019)

Institution: Kobe University

Research Areas: Skin engraftment

Cell Lines: Pia arachnoid mesothelial cells, MDCK, NIH3T3, and CaSki cells (Mouse keratinocytes (PAM), dog kidney (MDCK), and mouse fibroblast (NIH3T3) cells, Human cervix cells from metastatic site (CaSki))

Summary: The authors have studied Yes-associated protein -1 (YAP1) influence on cell competition and show that the effect is context-dependent. The authors conclude that YAP1 activation controls cell competition in part by decreasing cell adhesion. In this study, HoloMonitor was used to evaluate cell contact area and monolayer height after transfection.

Keywords: HoloMonitor M4, Cell adhesion, YAP1, MOB1, Fibronectin

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