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HoloMonitor M4: holographic imaging cytometer for real-time kinetic label-free live-cell analysis of adherent cells

Authors: Mikael Sebesta, Peter J. Egelberg, Anders Langberg, Jens-Henrik Lindskov, Kersti Alm, Birgit Janicke

Journal: Proceedings, Quantitative Phase Imaging II (2016)

Institution: Phase Holographic Imaging PHI AB, Lund

Research Areas: Method development

Summary: Live-cell imaging enables studying dynamic cellular processes that cannot be visualized in fixed-cell assays. An increasing number of scientists in academia and the pharmaceutical industry are choosing live-cell analysis over or in addition to traditional fixed-cell assays. We have developed a time-lapse label-free imaging cytometer HoloMonitor M4. HoloMonitor M4 assists researchers to overcome inherent disadvantages of fluorescent analysis, specifically effects of chemical labels or genetic modifications which can alter cellular behavior. Additionally, label-free analysis is simple and eliminates the costs associated with staining procedures.

Keywords: imaging cytometer, label-free, time-lapse, holomonitor m4, cytometric analysis software, incubator environment, live-cell analysis, digital holographic technology

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