Label-Free Classification of Apoptosis, Ferroptosis and Necroptosis Using Digital Holographic Cytometry

K. Barker et al.

Applied Sciences (2021)

Institution: University of Utah, USA

Cell Line: 501mel (Human derived metastatic melanoma cell line)

Research Area: Basic Cell Research

Tags: HoloMonitor M4, cell morphology, digital holographic cytometry, quantitative phase imaging, apoptosis, ferroptosis, necroptosis

Conclusions: Activation of alternative programmed cell death pathways, e.g. ferroptosis and necroptosis, is a promising therapeutic strategy for cancer cells, which evade apoptosis. However, the interplay between distinct programmed cell death pathways and cancer progression is complex and can paradoxically promote the disease. In this publication, K.L. Barker with colleagues has aimed to develop a label-free, live-cell imaging-based assay for classifying forms of programmed cell death with single-cell resolution. By employing HoloMonitor M4 and studying cell morphology parameter changes, authors have developed a method, which with high accuracy could classify cell death pathway in the test set for the melanoma cell line.

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