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Label-free High Temporal Resolution Assessment of Cell Proliferation Using Digital Holographic Microscopy

Authors: B. Janicke et al.

Journal: Cytometry Part A (2017)

Institution: Phase Holographic Imaging PHI AB, Lund

Research Areas: Digital holography technology

Cell Lines: L929 (Mouse fibroblasts)

Summary: The authors have developed a robust and label-free kinetic cell proliferation assay with high temporal resolution for adherent cells using HoloMonitor M4. Only two image processing settings were adjusted between cell lines, making the assay practical, user friendly, and free of user bias. In the recorded time-lapse image sequences, individual cells were automatically identified to provide detailed growth curves and growth rate data of cell number, confluence, and average cell volume. The results demonstrate how these parameters facilitate a deeper understanding of cell processes than what is achievable with current single-parameter and end-point methods.

Keywords: HoloMonitor M4, Cell proliferation, Digital holographic microscopy, Cell count, Noninvasive, Label-free, Image cytometry, Quantitative phase imaging, Time-lapse

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