Lipid Deregulation in UV Irradiated Skin Cells: Role of 25-hydroxy­cholesterol in Keratinocyte Differentiation During Photoaging

Authors: E. Olivier et al.

Journal: The journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology (2017)

Institution: Université Paris

Research Areas: Aging

Cell Lines: HaCaT-cells (Human keratinocytes)

Summary: Cell morphological changes in ageing: Skin photoaging due to UV irradiation is a degenerative process that appears more and more as a growing concern. Lipids, including oxysterols, are involved in degenerative processes; as skin cells contain various lipids, the aim of our study was to evaluate first, changes in keratinocyte lipid levels induced by UV exposure and second, cellular effects of oxysterols in cell morphology and several hallmarks of keratinocyte differentiation. Using HoloMonitor and confocal microscopy analysis, the authors highlighted cell thickening and cytoskeletal damage after incubation of keratino­cytes with 25-hydroxycholesterol.

Keywords: HoloMonitor M3, Cell morphology, Keratinocyte differentiation, Oxysterol, Photoaging, Skin

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