Low Resolution Solution Structure of Hamlet and the Importance of Its Alpha-domains in Tumoricidal Activity

J. C. S. Ho et al.

PLOS ONE (2012)

Institution: Lund Unviersity, Sweden

Cell Line: A549 (Human lung carcinoma cells)

Research Area: Action of HAMLET

Tags: HoloMonitor M3, cell morphplogy, Oleates, Crystal structure, Lung and intrathoracic tumors, Oleic acid, Small-angle scattering, Carcinoma, Cell death, Protein structure

Conclusions: Peptides covering the alpha1 and alpha2 domains of the protein triggered rapid ion fluxes in the presence of sodium oleate and were internalized by tumor cells, causing rapid and sustained changes in cell morphology. The alpha peptide-oleate bound forms also triggered tumor cell death with comparable efficiency as HAMLET. In addition, shorter peptides corresponding to those domains are biologically active.

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