Macrophage Polarization and the Effect of Microrna-155 Administered in Water-in-oil-in-water Multiple Emulsion Formulations

A. Oka et al.

Journal of Clinical & Cellular Immunology (2015)

Institution: Northeastern university, USA

Cell Line: J774A.1, SKOV3 (MJ774A.1 murine macrophage cell line; SKOV3 human ovarian cancer cells)

Research Area: Cancer research, immunology

Tags: Holomonitor M4, cell Morphology, cell motility, tumor-associated macrophages; Macrophage polarization; MicroRNA-155; Water-in-oil-in-water multiple emulsions

Conclusions: Holographic assessment using Holomonitor M4 of the co-cultured cells in real-time showed differences in motility and morphology of macrophages with mir-155 ME treated cells showing greater cellular interaction between the two phenotypes.

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