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Mixed Nanosized Polymeric Micelles as Promoter of Doxorubicin and Mirna-34a Co-delivery Triggered by Dual Stimuli in Tumor Tissue

Authors: Giuseppina Salzano, Daniel F. Costa, Can Sarisozen, Ed Luther, George Mattheolabakis, Pooja P. Dhargalkar, Vladimir P. Torchilin

Journal: Small (2016)

Institution: Northeastern University

Research Areas: Drug research, Cancer research

Cell Lines: HT1080 (Human fibrosarcoma)

Summary: Methods for producing 4D plot were developed. Images from the time course were exported to ImageJ and treated as an image stack, creating a volume rendering of the cellular motion over time of analysis. The brightness threshold was adjusted to view all cells within the imaging area or only the thicker cells, a feature that allows identification of mitosis, apoptosis, and transition between mesenchymal and amoeboid cellular morphologies

Keywords: HoloMonitor M4, Cell motility, Cell morphology

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