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Molecularly Imprinted Polymers Exhibit Low Cytotoxic and Inflammatory Properties in Macrophages In Vitro

Authors: Louise Sternbæk, Martha Kimani, Kornelia Gawlitza, Knut Rurack, Birgit Janicke, Kersti Alm, Anette Gjörloff Wingren, Håkan Eriksson

Journal: Applied Sciences (2022)

Institution: Malmö University

Research Areas: Materials of Science

Cell Lines: RAW 264, 7 cells, THP-1 cells (macrophage cell line, human monocytic cell line)

Summary: Molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) against sialic acid (SA) have been developed as a detection tool to target cancer cells. Thus, this study aimed to assess the cytotoxic and inflammatory properties of SA-MIPs in the innate immune system. The study demonstrated that SA-MIPs induced low induction and secretion of inflammatory cytokines that were comparable to phagocytosing cells cultured in the presence of the reference particles Alhydrogel and PLGAHoloMonitor was used to measure if SA-MIP affects cell division activity.

Keywords: HoloMonitor M4, single cell tracking, molecularly imprinted polymers, digital holographic cytometry, cytotoxicity, proinflammatory cytokines

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