Momordicoside G Regulates Macrophage Phenotypes to Stimulate Efficient Repair of Lung Injury and Prevent Urethane-Induced Lung Carcinoma Lesions

Z. Du et al.

Frontiers in Pharmocology (2019)

Institution: Henan University, China

Cell Line: RAW 264.7 (Murine cell line, macrophages from blood)

Research Area: Tissue regeneration

Tags: HoloMonitor M4, cell morphology, momordicoside G, macrophage phenotypes, lung injury, carcinoma lesions, injury repair

Conclusions: In this study, Z. Du et al. have explored the contributions of macrophages to the effects of momordicoside G on lung injury and carcinoma lesions. Momordicoside G is a bioactive component from Momordica charantia, which is used in various traditional Chinese, Southeast Asian, and South African remedies. Authors have showed that momordicoside G can selectively suppress M1 type macrophages to maintain M2 type macrophages for lung injury repair and prevent inflammation-related lung carcinogenesis and in combination they promote lung injury repair. HoloMonitor M4 was employed to evaluate momordicoside G effects (at 40 µM concentration) on macrophage morphology in vitro. The results showed that M1 type macrophage volume and area decrease and cells underwent apoptosis, while M2 type macrophages were unaffected.

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