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Moving into a New Dimension: Tracking Migrating Cells with Digital Holographic Cytometry in 3D

Authors: Anette Görloff Wingren

Journal: Cytometry Part A (2018)

Institution: Malmö University

Research Areas: Cancer research

Summary: Commentary article discussing the fundamental role of cell movement studies in cancer research. Advantages of the HoloMonitor Cell Tracking and Wound Healing Applications over the transwell migration and invasion assays are highlighted, and includes the possibility to use the cells in experiments for other purposes after completing the imaging. In addition to single cell tracking, the HoloMonitor technology also benefits from the fact that morphology analysis can be performed of each cell. The author concludes that this indeed opens up for almost unlimited possibilities to perform cell morphology analysis using this methodology, since each image is very rich in cellular information.

Keywords: HoloMonitor M4, cell motility, cell migration, cell morphology, cell tracking, cytometry, digital holography, migration, motility, quantitative phase imaging, scratch assay

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