Non-invasive, Label-free Cell Counting and Quantitative Analysis of Adherent Cells Using Digital Holography

Authors: A. MÖLDER et al.

Journal: Journal of Microscopy (2008)

Institution: Malmö university

Research Areas: Digital holographic technology

Cell Lines: MCF-10 A, L929, PC-3,DU-145 (MCF-10 A: human breast epithelia cells; L929: mouse fibroblasts; PC-3: human prostate cancer; DU-145: human prostate cancer)

Summary: Using a unique non-invasive label-free cell counting method comparable to conventional cell counting using a hemocytometer was produced. The major advantage of using HoloMonitor™ M2 is the opportunity to easily access information about cell number, size, optical thickness, and confluence in an automatic, non-invasive manner.

Keywords: HoloMonitor M2, cell counting, confluence, phase shift, optical path length

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