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Object Characterization With Refractometric Digital Fourier Holography

Authors: Mikael Sebesta, Mats Gustafsson

Journal: Optics Letters (2005)

Institution: Phase Holographic Imaging PHI AB, SE-224 75 Lund, Sweden

Research Areas: Method development

Summary: We demonstrate a digital holographic method in which two different substances in a blend are discerned. The method requires only one set of exposures and one reconstruction in the plane of focus. The phase is unwrapped by Flynn’s discontinuity algorithm to produce an image of the variation of the optical distance of the illuminating wave. Objects with indices of refraction that are higher and lower than the mounting liquid are detected as regions in which the phase is increased and decreased, respectively. We also present a method for calculating the volume distribution of substrates in a sample. The method is experimentally demonstrated with crystals of NaCl and KCl.

Keywords: digital holographic imaging, fast fourier transforms, holographic techniques, phase shift, refractive index, three dimensional imaging, digital holographic technology

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