Poloxamer Bioadhesive Hydrogel for Buccal Drug Delivery: Cytotoxicity and Trans-epithelial Permeability Evaluations Using Tr146 Human Buccal Epithelial Cell Line

Authors: N. Zeng et al.

Journal: International journal of pharmaceutics (2015)

Institution: Paris Descartes University

Research Areas: Drug development

Cell Lines: Tr146 (Human buccal epithelial cell line)

Summary: The assessment of cell viability (MTT, Alamar Blue), membrane integrity (Neutral Red), and apoptosis assay (Hoechst 33342), were performed and associated with holomonitor M3 analysis.

Keywords: Holomonitor M3, Pluronic, Xanthan gum, Buccal tolerance, Necrosis, Apoptosis, Digital holographic microscopy

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