Promising Anticancer Activity of Cyclotrichium Niveum L. Extracts Through Induction of Both Apoptosis and Necrosis

A. Özdemir et al.

Food and Chemical Toxicology (2017)

Institution: Gazi University, Turkey

Cell Line: HeLa, MCF-7 cancer cells, and MRC-5 and MCF-10A normal cells (HeLa:Human cervical cancer; MCF-7. human breastcancer; MRC-5: Human embryo lung fibroblasts; MCF10A: normal-like human breast cells)

Research Area: Cancer research

Tags: HoloMonitor M4, cell morphology, Cyclotrichium niveum, Cytotoxicity, Lamiaceae, Cancer, HPLC, Apigenin

Conclusions: Aim was to study the impact of plant extracts from Cyclotrichium niveumon on normal-like and cancer cell lines. The authors concluded that C. niveum has cytotoxic properties in the cancer cell lines tested.

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