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Quantitative Phase Imaging for Label-Free Analysis of Cancer Cells—Focus on Digital Holographic Microscopy

Authors: Z. El-Schich et al.

Journal: Appl. Sci. (2018)

Institution: Malmö University

Research Areas: Method development

Summary: To understand complex biological processes, scientists must gain insight into the function of individual living cells. In contrast to the imaging of fixed cells, where a single snapshot of the cell’s life is retrieved, live-cell imaging allows investigation of the dynamic processes underlying the function and morphology of cells. Label-free imaging of living cells is advantageous since it is used without fluorescent probes and maintains an appropriate environment for cellular behavior, otherwise leading to phototoxicity and photo bleaching. Quantitative phase imaging (QPI) is an ideal method for studying live cell dynamics by providing data from noninvasive monitoring over arbitrary time scales. The effect of drugs on migration, proliferation, and apoptosis of cancer cells are emerging fields suitable for QPI analysis. In this review, we provide a current insight into QPI applied to cancer research.

Keywords: Review, QPI and HoloMonitor M4, Microscopy, Live cell imaging, Quantitative phase imaging, Digital holography, Spatial light interference microscopy, Cytometry, Cancer, Morphology

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