Reduction of the Putative CD44+CD24 Breast Cancer Stem Cell Population by Targeting the Polyamine Metabolic Pathway With Pg11047

Authors: C. Helena et al.

Journal: Anticancer Drugs (2010)

Institution: Lund University

Research Areas: Drug development

Cell Lines: JIMT-1 (Human breast cancer)

Summary: Cirenajwis and colleagues used the label-free live cell imaging capabilities of the HoloMonitor to study the movement of JIMT-1 breast cancer cells. They showed that treatment with the ornithine analogue difluoromethylor-nithine (DFMO) increased cell motility, while treatment with the polyamine analogue PG-11047 decreased cell motility.

Keywords: HoloMonitor M2, cell motility, breast cancer stem cells , mesenchymal-to-epithelial transition , [1N , 12N]bis(ethyl)-cis-6 , 7-dehydrospermine , polyamine analogue

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