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Salinomycin Treatment Specifically Inhibits Cell Proliferation of Cancer Stem Cells Revealed by Longitudinal Single Cell Tracking in Combination with Fluorescence Microscopy

Authors: S. Kamlund et al.

Journal: Applied Sciences (2020)

Institution: Lund University

Research Areas: Cancer research, stem cell

Cell Lines: JIMT-1 (Human breast cancer cells)

Summary: Cell lines derived from tumors are comprised of a mixture of cells, which have different phenotypes. Hence, in cell population-based assays, small sub-population impact or behavior against treatment can be undetected. In this study, S. Kamlund with colleagues has used HoloMonitor M4 in combination with fluorescence microscopy to study JIMT-1 breast cancer cells for an extended time and study Salinomycin effects on individual cells via longitudinal single-cell tracking. Authors have shown that Salinomycin specifically targets a CD24- cell subpopulation by inhibiting its proliferation and the surviving CD24+ cell subpopulation was more epithelial-like.

Keywords: HoloMonitor M4, cell movements, digital holographic microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, single cell tracking, cancer stem cells, salinomycin, JIMT-1 breast cancer cells

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