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Self-Organization of Tissue Growth by Interfacial Mechanical Interactions in Multilayered Systems

Authors: Tailin Chen, Yan Zhao, Xinbin Zhao, Shukai Li, Jialing Cao, Jun Guo, Wanjuan Bu, Hucheng Zhao, Jing Du, Yanping Cao, Yubo Fan

Journal: Advanced Science (2022)

Institution: Key Laboratory for Biomechanics and Mechanobiology of Ministry of Education Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Biomedical Engineering School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering School of Engineering Medicine Beihang University Beijing 100083 China

Research Areas: Cell research

Cell Lines: HeLa, HepG2, MDCK, MDA-MB-231, U2OS, B16F10, and MEFs

Summary: Morphogenesis is a spatially and temporally regulated process involved in various physiological and pathological transformations. However, the driving force of morphogenesis initiation remains elusive. Here, it is shown that morphogenesis can be tuned by manipulating tissue fluidity, cell adhesion forces, and mechanical properties to influence the progression of compression gradient. Together, the dynamics of compression gradient arising from interfacial mechanical interaction provide a conserved mechanism underlying morphogenesis initiation and size control during tissue growth. HoloMonitor M4 was used for cell morphology changes including cell area, cell thickness, cell sheet area, and cell sheet thickness

Keywords: HoloMonitor M4, cell morphology, biomechanics, compression gradient, interfacial interaction, morphogenesis, self-organization, tissue fluidity

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