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Single cell analysis of proliferation and movement of cancer and normal-like cells on nanowire array substrates

Authors: Zhen Li, Sofia Kamlund, Till Ryser, Mercy Lard, Stina Oredsson, Christelle N. Prinz

Journal: J. Mater. Chem. B (2018)

Institution: Lund University

Research Areas: Materials of Science

Cell Lines: MCF10A, JIMT-1 (MCF-10 A: human breast epithelia cells, JIMT-1 human breast cancer cells)

Summary: The article presents a single cell analysis of cell cycle and cell movement parameters of cells seeded on nanowires using HoloMonitor M4 for time-lapse imaging. Nanowires are presently investigated in the context of various biological and medical applications. In general, these studies are population-based, which results in sub-populations being overlooked. Altogether, this study highlight the importance of performing single cell analysis to increase our understanding of the versatility of cell behavior on different substrates.

Keywords: HoloMonitor M4, Cell motility, Cell migration, Cell cycle, Nanomaterials, cell interactions

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