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Synergistic Effect of Metformin and Lansoprazole Against Gastric Cancer through Growth Inhibition

Authors: Kao, Hsiao-Wei et al.

Journal: International Journal of Medical Sciences (2023)

Institution: Institute of Biomedical Sciences

Research Areas: Cancer Research

Cell Lines: Human gastric cancer cell

Summary: Cancer has been linked to metabolic disorders and diverse gene mutations. Metformin, which is widely used to treat type 2 diabetes, inhibits the growth of cancer cells in animal models. Here the authors investigated the effects of metformin on human gastric cancer cell lines. They also investigated the synergistic anticancer effect of metformin and proton pump inhibitors. Lansoprazole, a proton pump inhibitor, is effective in treating gastroesophageal reflux disease. The results revealed that metformin and lansoprazole can significantly inhibit cancer cell growth in a dose-dependent manner by suppressing cell cycle progression and inducing apoptosis. Low concentrations of metformin and lansoprazole have a synergistic effect on AGS cell growth inhibition. In summary, the findings suggest a new and safe treatment protocol for treating stomach cancers. HoloMonitor M4 was used to monitor the cell morphology change between different drug treatments.

Keywords: HoloMonitor M4, metformin and lansoprazole, synergistic effect, gastric cancer

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