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TAAR1 Functions as a Cancer-Inhibiting Gene in Breast Cancer

Authors: Fleischer et al.

Publishing Date: 1 Jan 2019

Research Areas: Cancer Research

Cell Lines: MB-MDA-231

Summary: • TAAR1 is expressed across immune cell types and tissues• TAAR1 is expressed in cancers, and differential expression varies with cancer type• TAAR1 expression is significantly upregulated in the TNBC subtype, and TAAR1 mRNA is expressed in theTNBC cell line MDA-MB-231• Potent TAAR1 agonist T1AM inhibits cellular migration of TNBC cells in an automated wound-healing assay.• Therefore, T1AM may represent a novel TNBC therapeutic, and further studies are needed to determinewhether these effects are mediated solely through TAAR1 or through other contributing pathways

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