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Targeted inhibition of ERα signaling and PIP5K1α/Akt pathways in castration‐resistant prostate cancer

Authors: Julius Semenas, Tianyan Wang, Azharuddin Sajid Syed Khaja, AKM Firoj Mahmud, Athanasios Simoulis, Thomas Grundström, Maria Fällman, Jenny L. Persson

Journal: Molecular Oncology (2020)

Institution: Umeå University

Research Areas: Cancer research

Cell Lines: PC-3 (Human prostate adenocarcinoma cell line)

Summary: As there are limited treatment options for metastatic prostate cancer (PCa), the disease progresses to castration-resistant after the initial androgen-deprivation therapy. Thus, there is a need to develop new treatment strategies to effectively treat patients. In this study, J. Semenas with colleagues have developed a novel selective inhibitor (ISA-2011B), which exhibits specific effects towards subgroups of PCas alone and in combination with tamoxifen and can provide new therapeutic opportunities. Authors have used HoloMonitor M4 to study PC-3 cell morphology changes after drug treatment.

Keywords: HoloMonitor M4, Cell morphology, castration-resistant prostate cancer, estrogen receptor, PI3K/AKT pathway andtamoxifen, PIP5K1a, targeted therapy

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