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Targeted Tumor Therapy by Rubia Tinctorum L.: Analytical Characterization of Hydroxyanthraquinones and Investigation of Their Selective Cytotoxic, Adhesion and Migration Modulator Effects on Melanoma Cell Lines

Authors: Eszter Lajkó, Péter Bányai, Zsófia Zámbó, László Kursinszki, Éva Szőke, László Kőhidai

Journal: Cancer cell international (2015)

Institution: Semmelweis University

Research Areas: Cancer research, Drug research

Cell Lines: A2058, HT168-M1, MRC-5 (Human melanoma cell lines (A2058, HT168-M1) Human fibroblast cells (MRC-5))

Summary: Our results highlight the effective and selective inhibitory activity of purpurin towards melanoma cells and its possible use as a targeted anticancer agent. The anthraquinones of the cytotoxic extract are suggested to apply in drug delivery systems as an anticancer drug

Keywords: HoloMonitor M4, Migration, Motility and motility speed, Hydroxyanthraquinone, Purpurin, Melanoma, Targeted therapy, HPLC–MS/MS, Cell adhesion, Migration, Impedimetry, Holographic microscope, drug development

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