The Curcumin Analog c-150, Influencing nf-κb, upr and akt/notch Pathways Has Potent Anticancer Activity in Vitro and in Vivo

Authors: L. Hackler Jr et al.

Journal: Plos one (2016)

Institution: Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Research Areas: Cancer

Cell Lines: U87 MG, U-251 MG, GBM1, GBM2 (Human glioma cell lines)

Summary: Visualization of cytotoxic effects using holomonitor. These experiments record morphological parameters of treated cells such as area, thickness and volume. First time where the effects of drug induced cell death on cellular morphology of these glioma cells were detected by using 3D holographic images.

Keywords: HoloMonitor M3, Cell Morphology

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