The osteogenic commitment of CD271+CD56+ bone marrow stromal cells (BMSCs) in osteoarthritic femoral head bone

D. C. Ilas et al.

Scientific Reports (2020)

Institution: The University of Leeds, UK, Germany

Cell Line: BMSC (Bone marrow stromal cells)

Research Area: Stem cell therapy

Tags: HoloMonitor M4, Cell movements

Conclusions: Progressive structural changes in cartilage and subchondral bone lead to osteoarthritis. In this study, D.C. Ilas with colleagues have sorted cells and used immunohistochemistry to phenotypically distinguish, osteogenically-committed bone marrow stromal cell (BMSC) subset in human osteoarthritic trabecular bone. Authors have shown that two genes, responsible for a nerve growth factor (CD271) and neural cell adhesion molecule (CD 56) expression, could be utilized as a future therapeutic target for osteoarthritis and other bone-associated pathologies. In this study, HoloMonitor M4 was used to study how BMSC cell motility is affected by cell morphology.

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