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The TIGD5 gene located in 8q24 and frequently amplified in ovarian cancers is a tumor suppressor

Authors: Dai et al.

Journal: Genes to Cells (2022)

Institution: Kobe University

Research Areas: Cancer research

Cell Lines: SNU8. SNU119, SKOV3, OVCAR3, K119, HAC2 (ovarian serous carcinoma cells, ovarian cancer cells)

Summary: Ovarian cancer (OC) is the fifth most common cancer of female cancer death and the leading cause of lethal gynecological cancers. The study has demonstrated that TIGD5, a gene that is frequently amplified in OCs, unexpectedly acts as a tumor suppressor rather than as an oncogene by altering the expression of genes involved in cell proliferation, adhesion and migration in vitro and also reduces tumor growth in xenografted nude mice in vivo. HoloMonitor M4 is used for cell migration study with the single cell tracking assay.

Keywords: HoloMonitor M4, single cell tracking, cell migration, 8q24, MYC, ovarian cancer, TIGD5, tumor suppressor

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