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Translational medicine in pulmonary-tenal crosstalk: Therapeutic targeting of p-cresyl sulfate triggered nonspecific ROS and chemoattractants in dyspneic patients with uremic lung injury

Authors: J. Chang et al.

Journal: J. Clin. Med. (2018)

Institution: Fu Jen Catholic University

Research Areas: Uremic lung Injury

Cell Lines: A549 (Lung cancer cells)

Summary: Chronic kidney disease causes kidney failure, but there are also many side effects, e.g. respiratory distress called uremic lung injury. P-Cresyl sulfate (PCS) is produced when proteins ferment in intestinal bacteria and accumulate in patients with chronic kidney disease. The authors found an effect of PCS on lung cancer cells as measured by cell count using HoloMonitor. The higher the concentration the more effect, until cell death was initiated. Authors have tried to inhibit the effect of PCS with several different substances and used cell count here as well.

Keywords: HoloMonitor M4, Cell counting, P-Cresyl sulfate

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