Uptake of nanowires by human lung adenocarcinoma cell

L. Abariute et al.

PLoS ONE (2019)

Institution: Lund University, Sweden

Cell Line: A549 (Human lung adenocarcinoma cell line)

Research Area: Cytotoxicity

Tags: HoloMonitor M4, cell migration and motility

Conclusions: Semiconductor nanowires are increasingly used in optoelectronic devices. Thus, in this work, L. Abariute et al have invertigated the effects of gallium phosphide nanowires on human lung adenocarcinoma cells. Authors have showed that cells internalize the nanowires and that the nanowires have no effect on cell proliferation rate, motility, viability, and intracellular ROS levels. Additionally, authors have studied possible nanowire internalization pathways. In this work HoloMonitor M4 was used to study the effects of internalized nanowires on cell motility and migration.

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