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Zur Toxizität der chromodiagnostischen Farbstoffe Methylenblau, Toluidinblau und Indigokarmin in vitro

Authors: Elias Bekka

Journal: Doctoral thesis (2022)

Institution: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Research Areas: Toxicology

Summary: This work made it possible for the first time to compare the cytotoxicity of the chromodiagnostic dyes methylene blue, toluidine blue and indigo carmine in indicator cell lines. The aim was to characterize the toxic concentration ranges of those dyes more precisely, as they are used in numerous medical applications. They applied label-free digital holographic microscopy using HoloMonitor M3 to investigate cell morphology changes after incubating L929 and A549 cells with various dye concentrations. Both holographic images and quantitative results were examined regarding cell size characteristcs.

Keywords: Doctoral thesis, cell morphology, cytotoxicity, cell size, chromodiagnostic dyes, methylene blue, toluidine blue, indigo carmine, dose response

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