Cell Proliferation

Cell proliferation is a measurement of cell growth and defined as the balance between cell divisions and cell loss through cell death. Cell proliferation assays are widely applied in biological sciences to understand the growth pattern of cultured cells and to assess the in vitro safety and efficacy of drugs over time.

Kinetic Assessment of Cell Proliferation

Traditional methods are end-point assays that often assess cell proliferation indirectly, or based on cell confluence measurements only. HoloMonitor® App Suite offers a convenient assay that automatically presents kinetic cell proliferation data. Cell proliferation is directly determined; both by cell counting and by confluence assessment.

Automatic cell proliferation presentation

Result presentation (left) and video showing frequent cell divisions.

All data can easily be exported to Excel by only a click, see green arrow in the image above. Example showing Excel export outcome.

Cell Proliferation using HoloMonitor® – Kinetic Cell Count and Confluence Assessment

HoloMonitor offers a robust and label-free kinetic cell proliferation assay with high temporal resolution based on direct and continuous cell counting:

  • Kinetic assessment of both cell count and cell confluence
  • Individual cells are automatically identified and counted by the system software
  • The analysis includes data for both individual cells and entire populations at the same time.

Experiments setup using App Suite software can eaily be re-analysed to generate results for another assay type. For example, for a proliferation experiment, motility results can be achieved from the same experimental data.