Big Pharma embraces HoloMonitor technology from PHI

Upon completion of an extensive evaluation in early September one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world has decided to acquire two HoloMonitor® instruments. The ordered configuration is an automated version of the HoloMonitor platform. The total retail price of the orders amounts to €60 000.

“The pharmaceutical industry uses what is known in the industry as high-content screening to select drug candidates from several 100 000 chemical substances. The orders from the leading Swiss pharma company are tremendously important for the company’s future and confirm the potential of HoloMonitor technology in high-content screening. Valuable feedback from the pharma industry will enable us to further improve our proprietary technology for more realistic drug characterization. Various reports value the global high-content screening market to 500-1 100 million USD annually”, said CEO Peter Egelberg.

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