New QPI Technology Article in BioPhotonics:
“Quantitative Phase Imaging Advances Regenerative Medicine”

BioPhotonics Issue July/August 2023

In the July/August 2023 issue of BioPhotonics magazine, PHI’s CSO, Kersti Alm, and Head of Communication, Lisa Bodily, have made a significant contribution with their feature article. The article showcases how HoloMonitor’s quantitative phase imaging (QPI) technology has the potential to propel regenerative medicine forward.

QPI has a non-destructive nature. This makes the technology well-positioned for the continuous monitoring of cell health and differentiation and the quality assurance of cell therapies.

About the BioPhotonics article
— Quantitative Phase Imaging Advances Regenerative Medicine

Cell cultures are fundamental for biomedical research. Still, many traditional analysis methods cause great harm to cells or even require that they are sacrificed before any analysis is possible. Without a doubt, QPI has moved from an obscure to a modern, cell-friendly imaging method that has become indispensable for non-invasive live cell analysis. In fact, QPI causes no cell harm and allows for detailed cell analysis. In addition, it provides high-content quantitative data, informative cell images, and time-lapse videos. QPI has multiple applications — from cell growth, differentiation or wound healing assays to drug screening, spheroid formation, and chemotaxis assays.

QPI’s future is tightly linked with the transition of regenerative medicine from research to manufacturing. We need accredited methods for cell monitoring and data gathering that will not affect living cells. But still providing reliable quantitative data for cell quality control.

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