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Showcase the beauty of your research in our cell image competition. We have teamed up with our friends over at Jellagen as their live cell imaging partner in this competition. Here is your chance! This event gives you a platform to showcase your amazing cell research work and the chance to win fantastic prizes.

3D image of HeLa cells cultured in Jellagel undergoing mitosis

Together with

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Find more details how to enter the competition, and about prizes, dates, deadlines and the usual T&C’s:

Live-QPI Imaging of HeLa cells grown in JellaGel™

This is a 24 hour quantitative and label-free QPI time-lapse of HeLa cells cultured in JellaGel™, captured with the HoloMonitor® live cell imaging system.

The judges

As an expert in live cell imaging, our PHI Chief Scientific Office Kersti Alm has been asked to join the judges’ panel of this year’s cell image competition. Together with Andy Weymann, Chief Medical Officer at Jellagen, and Jennifer Paxton, Senior Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, she will look for the beauty of your submitted cell images and the quality of the data behind them.

The world of cell science is filled with beautiful mysteries.
I am really looking forward to seeing the artistic cell images that will reveal some of these secrets. Good luck everyone!

Kersti Alm PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, PHI AB

Beautiful cells stay untouched by HoloMonitor imaging

3D zoomed in QPI image of HeLa cells in JellaGen

“From a cell’s point of view”

— “Where Art Meets Science”

Curious about live cell imaging with HoloMonitor?

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