HoloMonitor M4FL in the Spotlight:
A Recap of EACR and ISSCR 2023

Recapping the recent events of ISSCR 2023 and EACR 2023. We are thrilled to share the exciting experiences we had as a company and the launch of our latest product HoloMonitor M4FL. Being part of these scientific conferences was an incredible opportunity for us to connect with leading scientists, key stakeholders, and professionals in the life science industry from around the world.

EACR 2023 HoloMonitor M4FL world premiere

EACR 2023 in Turin

Our team of Lisa Lindström, Amandeep Dhillon and Lisa Bodily was present at booth #101 at EACR 2023. We showcased our latest non-invasive live cell analysis tools for cancer research and had great discussions at the poster sessions.

We had many insightful one-on-one conversations with researchers, where we learned about their current challenges and how HoloMonitor can help overcome them — for example in cell migration studies.

Cell migration studies are typical for cancer research. With HoloMonitor, we provide an automated and easy-to-use tool for directly following and analyzing cells and their behaviour over time. The researchers we spoke to got excited about how this reduces days of manual lab work and the need for tracking single cells by hand.

Lisa Lindström, PHI product manager
EACR 2023 HoloMonitor M4FL world premiere

ISSCR 2023 in Boston

During the ISSCR 2023 event in Boston, we were excited to have our US partner, Nexus Scientific, join Håkan Rosvall at booth #430. Together, we engaged with attendees and demonstrated how our innovative live cell analysis tools perfectly fit stem cell research.

HoloMonitor M4FL World Premiere at EACR and ISSCR 2023

The highlight of both conferences was the world premiere of our latest innovation, the HoloMonitor M4FL system. Our new live cell imaging system combines holography and fluorescence imaging. This enables researchers to obtain unparalleled quantitative live cell data while minimizing light exposure and reducing phototoxicity. The positive feedback from conference attendees confirmed that HoloMonitor M4FL opens up new possibilities. This includes various new research applications, for example, co-culture or cell death assays.

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who visited our booths and explored our non-invasive tools. And to all of you who engaged in great discussions about how our technology advances research within oncology, stem cells and regenerative medicine!

Håkan Rosvall (left, PHI Inc.) and Zachary Flegel (Nexus Scientific) with big smiles at ISSCR 2023!

This world premiere of HoloMonitor M4FL at these scientific conferences marks an important milestone in our journey of pushing the boundaries of non-invasive live cell imaging. Thank you once again to all the attendees, organizers, and partners who made these events a resounding success.