Live Cell Imaging Videos — The Best of 2021

What was your favorite HoloMonitor live cell video this year?

From within your cell incubators, HoloMonitor has recorded uncountable time-lapse image sequences of your cell culture samples this year. Without any damaging labels or stains, it uses non-invasive digital holography to record your cells in real-time. And what could be better than getting quantitative time-lapse videos of what is happening behind closed incubator doors without compromising your cells’ integrity?

Have fun watching HoloMonitor’s best of 2021 live cell imaging video compilation!

Studying wound healing together with Single Cell Tracking Assay | HoloMonitor®

Human CD34+ umbilical cord blood cells growing in a microgrid for 96 hours | HoloMonitor®

Long-term non-invasive live cell imaging of JIMT-1 cells | HoloMonitor®

Label-free kinetic cell motility studies | Imaging living cells | HoloMonitor®

Live cell imaging of HeLa cells in JellaGel™ | HoloMonitor®

Studying living cells with label-free Single Cell Tracking | HoloMonitor®

HeLa cell death in 3D digital holographic imaging | HoloMonitor®

Automatic single cell tracking with HoloMonitor App Suite | HoloMonitor®

HoloMonitor - A cell culture microscope directly inside your incubator

A live cell imaging system inside your incubator

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